A bit of friendly advice.

To you of which receive emails from magazines such Asthetica, artists in Vogue, modern artists magazine etc etc. 

The people who actually want you to pay money in order for you to publicise your work, you should not bother. The only thing you could possibly gain from these people is something to put on your artistic cv. 

"Featured in such and such printed / online magazine"

This is the sort of mentality I hate about the corporate art world. The same goes for a few galleries that have approached myself, asking me to pay money in order to exhibit my work. 

The thing is guys you should save your money, use that money to upgrade your supplies, your paper, printer etc. That is money well spent. Do not get caught up in flattery, these guys target young artists and it’s such a bad thing to do, at a time where hopes and dreams have not gone through the washing machine until they have condensed and shrunk.

If I had spent the money these sort of people had asked me to spend 8 years ago, I would look back and think “what the fuck is this shit I had published”  

All in all save your money. Buy some booze, get tattoos and do your shit.


Forever this.

Thank fuck that little cunt died.

I’ve uploaded drowning in foxdowns

Onto my society6 it’s also available as a tote bag which actually looks pretty fucking nice.


Here’s free shipping and $5off. 

Here’s one of my whole sleeve.  Excuse the face.

I’m trying not to be a bastard. 

Thank you.

Quoting others does not grant you the same intelligence. You’re just pulling at the bottom of the trouser leg.